Scary Story Competition

Welcome to the Scary Story Competition. There's a $15 Amazon card on the line for the person who leaves the best "SCARY" story.

Here's how it works:

1. Rule number 1, I am the judge. I will simply rule on the story I think is the best/scariest!

2. Rule number 2: Leave a story in the comment field (make sure you leave your email address so if you win I can send you the Amazon card).
This can be a story you heard when you were younger, or you can make the story up, whatever. I don't care where it comes from, or whether it is original or stolen from someone else.

3. If the story you want to share is a link to your site, blog or some other location, leave the link and I'll read it.

4. Join my blog site - very important if you want to win!

5. Wait until October 31st when I'll make my decision and will announce the winner.

Allllllll righty! Have at it scary story tellers.


  1. Fun! I love Halloween and scary stories. I actually have one in the Jolly Fish Press Creative Frighting contest. You can read it here:

    Thanks, Mark!

    1. Excellent Teri! I look forward to reading your story. I love Halloween too!

  2. Hi there! Thanks for the invite! I'm now following your blog! You can read my scary story here. I also have blogs at Musings on Fantasia and LKHill if you're interested. Thanks! :D

  3. What if my story is TOO Scary??

    1. Give it your best shot....but I would still prefer to be able to sleep at night. :)

  4. Cloudy

    The end of days marched closer and closer; she could feel it coming, like the black cloud overhead. It stretched southward, blanketing the sky and hiding the sun from view. Evil seemed to lurk just out of sight as she made her way home. Her pace quickened along with the beat of her heart. Shadows snaked towards the girl as if to grasp her and pull her into the darkness, but the girl sprinted away not daring to glance back.

    Not until she crossed the yard and sprang up the three stairs to the front door did she turn around…nothing. Everything was still. No shadows followed her. Although half the sky was shaded, sunlight streamed from behind the bank of clouds. The silence was total until the neighbor two doors down began his lawn mower giving the girl a jolt. “Am I crazy?” she wondered, chiding herself for being so gullible, then opened the door and went in.

    “Karly, is that you?” called her mother from the kitchen.

    “Yes mom,” answered Karly.

    “Come in here, I am making dinner. How was your day?”

    Karly eagerly joined her mom by passing through an attractive archway connecting the front entry, the living room, the dining room and finally the kitchen. Although the kitchen was a moderate size it was handsomely decorated with Marble countertops and tiled floors. The room was light and airy and instantly Karly felt relief at being home as she took up on a stool across from her mother, Shauna Preston.

    Mrs. Shauna Preston was a smart-looking lady with blonde hair and ethereal skin which often gave strangers the impression she was much younger than she really was. She took an active role in the community and regularly hosted dinners and get-togethers at the house. Tonight seemed no different.

    Shauna was making her coveted stew and heaps of vegetables were peeled and sliced awaiting their turn in the pot, boiling on the stove. Karly snagged a carrot and munched on it hungrily. Karly debated telling her mother how she felt earlier coming home, but then decided to let it go.

    Her mother eyed her daughter and sensed Karly had something on her mind. “What is it?” Shauna asked, interrupting Karly’s daydream.

    “Nothing, just hungry I guess. I am fine,” although she didn’t even believe her own response.

    “Well, how about giving your Mom a hug? I need one” her mother smiled brightly, opening her arms. Karly nodded and embraced her mom tightly.
    When at last they let loose of one another, the sharp knife plunged easily into Karly’s chest, separating her blouse along with the tissues and sliding through her ribs, the blade split the arteries and veins connecting her heart to the rest of her body. Blood sprayed her mother’s face in a red mist as she pressed the knife even deeper. Most of the blood surged out and down Karly’s front as she fell to her knees and then sank backward. Her head made a thud as it hit the floor.

    A terrifying and shocking scream formed at the back of Karly’s throat, but Shauna clasped a hand over Karly’s mouth. Shauna stared intently into the wide eyes of her daughter. Karly, could not believe it. She was dying at the hands of her mother. She tried to find a reason, tried to ask a question in her final moments but only saw a wry smile curl her killers lips and a far away fire in the woman’s abysmal gaze. In a short time, a circle of blood surrounded the torso and head of Karly’s lifeless corpse on the cold, tiled floor.