Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Editing Bewitched

I'm going to start this blog by chronicling where I am with the publishing of my first book: "Bewitched."  At the moment I am going through the first round of edits given to me by a very intelligent (and I assume beautiful as well) editor named Kelly Hashway.  My first response after moving through chapters one and two is that I'm a horrible writer.  I may be a good story-teller, at least I hope so, but my writing has something to be desired. The good thing is I feel like I'm learning quite a bit as I move through the manuscript accepting the alterations she has made to it.

My plans from this point forward are to complete "Bewitched," then finish a younger aged novel called "Where is Cherry Soda," then start work on "The Return of the Familiar" the sequel to "Bewitched." Once all that is done I have a really fun book I've started which will also be a series called, "The Suburban Adventures of Gabriel Winston: Ghost of a Chance."  You can read a bit more about it at my other website:

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